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air conditioning ventilation - Ductwork installation

One of the companies within the group “Gull Air Limited”, specialises in the manufacture and installation of ventilation ductwork. As members of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association we are committed to installing systems to the best industry standards.

We are inspected every three years, by B M Trada (a nationally recognised quality assurance inspection company), to ensure our installations, internal systems and customer satisfaction is of the highest standards and in line with current legislation.

We undertake projects from a few hundred pounds up to hundreds of thousand pounds. We have been trading for over 15 years and are happy to work for the customer direct, or as a sub-contractor for a larger company.

We manufacture all our own ductwork and prepare the working drawings in house, so we can turn around components very quickly and without having to wait in line like many other contractors. This also ensures that all our components are guaranteed to be made to the correct specification, as we have direct control. As a consequence we believe we are the fastest, most responsive company working in the industry today with a quality second to none.

Air conditioning ventilation