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air conditioning ventilation - Dust & Fume Extract

Over the last decade, the science of dust & fume extract has become a separate activity within the ventilation industry. The advance of legislation regarding the CoSHH Regulations and the requirement for Local Exhaust Ventilation systems (LEV), has meant that the responsibility for providing clean fresh air for your workforce is now manatory.

We provide a service where we will come to site and talk to you about what you do. We will then analyse if you need a ventilation system and design it for you. (All of this work up to this point will be free).

We will quote for the work and install the system to the best industry standards and in line with current legislation. On completion, we will train your staff how to operate the system safely and provide record information for maintenance purposes. Lastly we will quote for the maintenance separately, so that you can get the best value for your money.

Please note that we do not offer a testing service. The Health and Safety Executive have informed us that, although we are capable, it is a conflict of interest to install as well as certify. We will provide design information for the inspector and he will certify the system, based on the information we provide and his own test readings. Inspectors are usually provided directly by your insurance companies, or there are now independent consulting companies available.

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